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March 28

best burger in town

I really think I may have found the best burger in Istanbul.  I liked it too much and I ate 1 and half…No kidding…Bye bye no carbs diet.. The place is Burger Joint, in Istanbul’s Besiktas. Cute atmosphere with lovely people and a ma ziiiiiing burgers….Try New York with Cheese and then thank me…The meat is […]

Champagne Brunch in Istanbul: Konsolos

I am often asked where to questions when it comes to Istanbul. And one of the key topics is always about breakfast…I have my usual suspects like Assk Kahve and Lucca but time to time I  enjoy spicing it up and discovering new venues. Here is my latest venture…Located in the ever popular Sishane/Pera neighbourhood, Konsolos offers champagne […]

April 22

A great night out in Istanbul: Nopa Istanbul

It’s been quite a while that the writer of this blog actually wrote something! Not lazy me,no but still apologies to all. Work, work,work plus some fun but just not the time to write. So let’s start where we left off. I would like to tell you about the great night out I had with friends […]

rudolf istanbul February 01

Istanbul’s newest fine dining spot: Rudolf Istanbul

Istanbul is becoming a more interesting dining scene every passing day. Fine dining here is not cheap, rules of fine dining are not as established, not easy to have the exotic ingredients. Yet you may still get wonderful finds… Rudolf Istanbul is by fat the most impressive restaurant that is opened in the past months…It is […]

June 21

Cantinery Istanbul

Istanbul’s new eatery Cantinery didn’t impress me much. Being one and only sibling of infamous Lucca my expectations were high on food. Portions were small and despite having fancy ingredients taste was a bit dull. I am not a fan of book thick menus but this one was really limited. Definitely didn’t match Lucca in food sense. […]

March 20

Istanbul bites: Fenix

Vibrant gastronomic life of Istanbul just got a new addition: Fenix. I did pay a lunch visit and quite liked what I found. The decor is colonial,chic, airy and with a style far from the look same- feel same type of minimalist, Nordics inspired restaurants. And the terrace…ohhh it is good,it is like a fresh […]

February 02

Looking for a weekday dinner in Istanbul? Meet Sidika…

Kebab is the only thing that comes into mind when one thinks about Turkish cuisine… This couldn’t be more wrong. I have to admit that it is becoming harder to discover authentic Turkish eateries even in Turkey and even for locals. Yet, you are lucky. You are lucky cause I am gonna recommend you a […]