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September 14


This summer’s greatest find for me was the beautiful isle of Corsica. I heard of Corsica of course. Heard and always wanted to go. And when it came real just made me speechless. Located just off Italy (but strangely belonging to France) this medium to big size island has its wonders. Azure & Pristine beaches, great […]

181 stairs to heaven

It’s not always easy to find cool spots. Websites can do magic and turn nothing but small and sometimes even hideous places into uber-stylish wonders. “Trip Advisor”ish ranks do help but how to trust whether they have same level of expectations as us. Therefore, I do trust just a very small number of people when […]

Munching in Mykonos Grace feels good

I love breakfast. I never skip it or pass it with just a cup of coffee. Breakfast is important for me… And I have high standards when it comes to food. I will now give you a secret if you ever plan to go to Mykonos.   I may have eaten one of the best […]