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What to wear: The Park Issue

“At last, my love is coming home…” sang Etta James…and this time my love is definitely the sun! If you are living in UK or North of Continental Europe, you will already know what I have been talking about.  Boyy, we missed the sun!!! It’s been depressing, rainy and cold! And, this week sun came […]

Fashion Crowd: Volume 2

Thanks for sending so many wonderful comments to my previous post. Getting these really makes me happy and keep motivated:) …And where we were? Today, I want to introduce Mr Sartorialist-if you haven’t heard of him already. I admire the novelty he brought to the industry and his work is what I call inspirational. He […]

The Fashion Crowd: Who are these people? Vol 1

In 60s there were groupies, the beautiful young girls that follow rock bands relentlessly all around the world hoping to be a part of the dazzle.  Some succeded, some not.  Now, we have a fashion crowd following designers at fashion weeks all around the world. You see them outside catwalk shows in Milan, Paris and […]