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January 16

Cold, very cold winter but in style

Brr it is so cold in Istanbul and what to wear is a big question mark. just the time to get a little inspiration from real people on streets. I am not such a fan of all black. But this one is  right on spot…Just perfect for an afternoon stroll on a sunny but cold Istanbul […]

Hats, hats, hats

New Yorks streets Hats everywhere

Style from real people: The commuters’ episode

If you read my post titled ground rules or about me section, you already know I, like most other human beings, have to commute to work.  For us- the commuters, it is not easy to wear statement stilettos when you have to run to catch a bus or a train.  However, we do like to […]

Fashion Crowd: Volume 2

Thanks for sending so many wonderful comments to my previous post. Getting these really makes me happy and keep motivated:) …And where we were? Today, I want to introduce Mr Sartorialist-if you haven’t heard of him already. I admire the novelty he brought to the industry and his work is what I call inspirational. He […]