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May 11

Discovering Ligurian coast in Italy…Italian Riviera

When you are in Italy, it is easy to like the town, like the food, like the people. Top that with beautiful, azure sea line, small local beaches and make yourselves welcome to Liguria. We always think about Positano, Amalfi or Portofino when we think about Italian coast. Last year, I drove along Genova to […]

Momofuku KO: A New York taste adventure

Being stuck at home with flu on a warm April Istanbul day, I have nothing to do but cherish memories; in this case my last NY trip. I do love NY, I can go there anytime for any reason. The object of my affection this time comes in the shape of a lovely dining experience. […]

Nobu vs Zuma: Which one has the best style and taste? Japanese Cuisine wars in London

As a working gal, one of my favourite things to do is to dine outside preferably at places which combine taste with style.  Maybe, at this point I should confess that paying for good food is easier than cooking it at home for me.  And we are not all born to be Heston Blumenthals or […]