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January 16

Cold, very cold winter but in style

Brr it is so cold in Istanbul and what to wear is a big question mark. just the time to get a little inspiration from real people on streets. I am not such a fan of all black. But this one is  right on spot…Just perfect for an afternoon stroll on a sunny but cold Istanbul […]

April 22

A great night out in Istanbul: Nopa Istanbul

It’s been quite a while that the writer of this blog actually wrote something! Not lazy me,no but still apologies to all. Work, work,work plus some fun but just not the time to write. So let’s start where we left off. I would like to tell you about the great night out I had with friends […]

rudolf istanbul February 01

Istanbul’s newest fine dining spot: Rudolf Istanbul

Istanbul is becoming a more interesting dining scene every passing day. Fine dining here is not cheap, rules of fine dining are not as established, not easy to have the exotic ingredients. Yet you may still get wonderful finds… Rudolf Istanbul is by fat the most impressive restaurant that is opened in the past months…It is […]

February 02

Looking for a weekday dinner in Istanbul? Meet Sidika…

Kebab is the only thing that comes into mind when one thinks about Turkish cuisine… This couldn’t be more wrong. I have to admit that it is becoming harder to discover authentic Turkish eateries even in Turkey and even for locals. Yet, you are lucky. You are lucky cause I am gonna recommend you a […]