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The Complete Christian Louboutin Experience: Honest, real and sometimes brutal observations of a working girl who has to buy her own shoes

I really believe fashion and style should not be exclusive. Yet, this is not always easy with the realities of life.  Boyy, the good things do cost a lot!!! And… I have to work for that.  I have to pay rent, I have to buy utilities and instead of saving money, which is obviously a […]

Why we love Louboutins?A glimpse to Mr. Louboutins’ 20 Years in Fashion and special pop up store in Selfridge’s, London

Just to be clear I don’t own a pair of Louboutins at the moment.  However, I definitely would like to own a pair one day and currently planning to spend my entire bonus for this. Yeaah, my bonus is really not much at all! it is a harsh reality that most of us seriously need […]