Champagne Brunch in Istanbul: Konsolos

I am often asked where to questions when it comes to Istanbul. And one of the key topics is always about breakfast…I have my usual suspects like Assk Kahve and Lucca but time to time I  enjoy spicing it up and discovering new venues. Here is my latest venture…Located in the ever popular Sishane/Pera neighbourhood, Konsolos offers champagne […]

January 16

Cold, very cold winter but in style

Brr it is so cold in Istanbul and what to wear is a big question mark. just the time to get a little inspiration from real people on streets. I am not such a fan of all black. But this one is  right on spot…Just perfect for an afternoon stroll on a sunny but cold Istanbul […]

Truth to be told

Truth to be told. I have been lazy.  Not intentionally, but  still lazy with my dear blog. I had to work, work, work  and not much time to have fun. I also moved to a new house which took what was left from the little time I had.  I am done with New Year resolutions […]

September 24

Paros…lovely Paros

A less popular choice than its popular sibling Mykonos (but definitely a right one) is to go for a short break in Paros, lovely Greek Island which is a short 50 min ferry ride from Mykonos.Offering wonderful beaches, great local restaurants and lovely people. What else one can ask… I was captivated by this beauty […]

August 14

Blue Voyage…The perfect holiday on Turkish coast

I do not have enough words to describe my love for sea…Simply put, I adore it. It makes me rejuvenate. Almost like the Phoenix coming alive out of her own ashes, I feel I am reborn after a good swim …Released from the stress and worries. Therefore a good holiday always consists of sea side […]

June 23

My go to coffee place in Rome: Caffe Greco Antico

If you are in Italy, it is a known and “proven many times” fact that you can never do wrong with coffee. Not unless you insist at calling your coffee just as “latte (cause it means milk)” instead of ” coffee latte” or “latte macchiato”. It is always good. So anywhere you go, you will […]

June 17

Where to go to breakfast in NYC ? Joseph Leonard (New York City hot spot)

Joseph Leonard, a lovely, lovely place in NY, down in West Village is perhaps a never disappointing favorite in New York to get a good brunch. Hands down, it has lovely food but I really love the feel of this small cafe. It has a bohemian feel which is really refreshing after all Nordic inspired cafes […]

June 04

Alacati in 48 hours

If you are visiting Turkey in summer time, or if you are a local living in the city suffering hot, “oh so hot” weather then you’d need a weekend getaway. A short travel to help you chill. I got the perfect itenary for you. 48 Hour long Alacati get away. Alacati is a summer town […]

May 11

Discovering Ligurian coast in Italy…Italian Riviera

When you are in Italy, it is easy to like the town, like the food, like the people. Top that with beautiful, azure sea line, small local beaches and make yourselves welcome to Liguria. We always think about Positano, Amalfi or Portofino when we think about Italian coast. Last year, I drove along Genova to […]

April 25

A little treat in Dublin: Queen of Tarts

If you are off to Dublin, I am sure you will find many great things there. People are great, sincere and funny and this by itself may be a very good reason to go and of course Ireland has an amazing culture and heritage.  What I am going to tell you about Dublin is something very special. This local […]