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Truth to be told

Truth to be told. I have been lazy.  Not intentionally, but  still lazy with my dear blog. I had to work, work, work  and not much time to have fun. I also moved to a new house which took what was left from the little time I had.  I am done with New Year resolutions […]

March 09

Chasing local tastes in Istanbul: Vefa Bozacisi

If you read my earlier post, here is the perfect end to it. There is a drink kept as a secret in Turkey. It is called “boza” and it is a prebiotic drink consumed in winter, despite being served chilled. The most famous place for HomeMade Boza is “Vefa Bozacısı”  which is in Fatih neighbourhood […]

Selfridge`s Masters of Fashion

They did it again. I always admire Selfridge`s London`s take on shop windows. They take it as art. This time show is Master Series. They used their windows to celebrate Fashion Masters and they did it brilliantly. Even the selection of names tell everything.

July 26

Mata Hari of Lumio Beach:Best kept secret of Corsica

I did tons of research to find the best of best in Corsica. Especially of Beaches. Internet surfing, local recommendations, travel mags and more. I did come across the regulars like Lotu beach, Saleccia and sure they didn’t disappoint. They offered Maldivian turquoise water and fine sand + perfect sunbathing. The down side? Despite offering […]

January 19

A sneak peak to Paris Fashion

What else but fashion to be the subject of my first 2014 post…Of course you are hearing about high fashion from many bloggers or journos  but what about the real fashion that you can actually see on street or gaze through shop windows ?  yep, for fashion industry outsiders like you and me life is […]

December 29

Style meets hair stuff: H&H at Zorlu Center Istanbul

I was positively surprised to discover newly opened H & H hairdresser at Zorlu Istanbul.   So comfortable and sooo stylish…Your eyes and mind can deceive you trying to understand whether this is a cool hanging place or actually a hairdresser where you get ugly first ( yes, I am talking about hair dying) to […]

November 10

Good things may come in small packs

This dashing window show comes from Louis Vuitton New York and once again I feel art comes in many forms. C.

Hats, hats, hats

New Yorks streets Hats everywhere

Club to Catwalk…

It is known that fashion repeats itself. At least, this is what fashion students are told. Therefore, it is important to do your homework (meaning you have to research the old as well as keeping an eye on the new). Here is a perfect excuse to do some research : V&A has put together a […]

It’s been so long…

It’s  not been easy. The past year. For a very long time I felt  lost.  Let alone good living, being  able to smile was not easy so I stopped writing, I stopped almost everything. Yet, here I am now.  Again. Feeling much better. Restarting some good old habits like this small but fulfilling blog.  I […]