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January 19

A sneak peak to Paris Fashion

What else but fashion to be the subject of my first 2014 post…Of course you are hearing about high fashion from many bloggers or journos  but what about the real fashion that you can actually see on street or gaze through shop windows ?  yep, for fashion industry outsiders like you and me life is […]

November 10

Good things may come in small packs

This dashing window show comes from Louis Vuitton New York and once again I feel art comes in many forms. C.

Hats, hats, hats

New Yorks streets Hats everywhere

Coats or statues?

I have been making excuses to myself to cover up my laziness nowadays. Laziness to document what I have been seeing, tasting and living.  Today I am making myself back to work. And if we are talking about covering up in the literal sense here comes the Coat Issue! You must have already heard that […]

Club to Catwalk…

It is known that fashion repeats itself. At least, this is what fashion students are told. Therefore, it is important to do your homework (meaning you have to research the old as well as keeping an eye on the new). Here is a perfect excuse to do some research : V&A has put together a […]

What to wear: The Park Issue

“At last, my love is coming home…” sang Etta James…and this time my love is definitely the sun! If you are living in UK or North of Continental Europe, you will already know what I have been talking about.  Boyy, we missed the sun!!! It’s been depressing, rainy and cold! And, this week sun came […]

The Complete Christian Louboutin Experience: Honest, real and sometimes brutal observations of a working girl who has to buy her own shoes

I really believe fashion and style should not be exclusive. Yet, this is not always easy with the realities of life.  Boyy, the good things do cost a lot!!! And… I have to work for that.  I have to pay rent, I have to buy utilities and instead of saving money, which is obviously a […]

Style from real people: The commuters’ episode

If you read my post titled ground rules or about me section, you already know I, like most other human beings, have to commute to work.  For us- the commuters, it is not easy to wear statement stilettos when you have to run to catch a bus or a train.  However, we do like to […]

Harvey Nickers? Harvey Nichols’ Homage to Queen’s Diamond jubilee

Perhaps it is one of the best times to be in or around London.  Here, we call it the British Summer with Queen’s Diamond jubilee fast approaching, Wimbledon just around the corner and of course with 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. Heyy, who said summers are short and perhaps a bit dull inUK:) This summer is […]

Fashion Gossip: Met Ball 2012-What it is and some of the worst and best dresses of the night

It’s a Wednesday, a rainy and gloomy one in London. I guess we all need a bit of lightness so here goes my very personal comments on one of the fashion’s biggest nite outs:  2012 Met Ball. Let’s start with what Met Ball is…Met Ball is the annual ball celebrating New York Metropolitan Museum’s fashion […]