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February 26

Novikov versus Nobu: Asian Taste Wars in London vol 2

I have to admit that I had reservations when  it comes to eating Asian at a place owned by anyone but Asian origins. I  thought such a place could be  super stylish but the food would never beat an authentic Chinese or Japanese. That is why I neglected Novikov, Asian restaurant operated by a Russian company for quite […]

Champagne Brunch in Istanbul: Konsolos

I am often asked where to questions when it comes to Istanbul. And one of the key topics is always about breakfast…I have my usual suspects like Assk Kahve and Lucca but time to time I  enjoy spicing it up and discovering new venues. Here is my latest venture…Located in the ever popular Sishane/Pera neighbourhood, Konsolos offers champagne […]

January 16

Cold, very cold winter but in style

Brr it is so cold in Istanbul and what to wear is a big question mark. just the time to get a little inspiration from real people on streets. I am not such a fan of all black. But this one is  right on spot…Just perfect for an afternoon stroll on a sunny but cold Istanbul […]

June 17

Where to go to breakfast in NYC ? Joseph Leonard (New York City hot spot)

Joseph Leonard, a lovely, lovely place in NY, down in West Village is perhaps a never disappointing favorite in New York to get a good brunch. Hands down, it has lovely food but I really love the feel of this small cafe. It has a bohemian feel which is really refreshing after all Nordic inspired cafes […]

rudolf istanbul February 01

Istanbul’s newest fine dining spot: Rudolf Istanbul

Istanbul is becoming a more interesting dining scene every passing day. Fine dining here is not cheap, rules of fine dining are not as established, not easy to have the exotic ingredients. Yet you may still get wonderful finds… Rudolf Istanbul is by fat the most impressive restaurant that is opened in the past months…It is […]

Nopi london setting January 09

Nopi London-Can healthy be yummy and trendy?

Newest addition  from Yotam Lenghi, Otto Lenghi’s creator, NOPI London has amazed me in many ways. Of course the food was yummy -you expect no less from Mr Lengi but  this time kudos to him for such amazing interiors. It has a Scandinavian vibe with soft and basic colors, airy setting and a minimalist decoration but […]

June 25

My Top 3 Breakfast spots in London

Just now a very dear friend asked for my Top London breakfast spots…There are numerous alternatives but being a foodie my expectations have always been a tad higher. So here are my favourites: 1) For style hunters: 202 Westbourne Grove. The place is actually  called 202 . It is where style meets great food. A to […]

April 30

101Tastes of Istanbul

I really have to stop writing about food. Seriously. It is almost bikini season and here I am eating, talking,eating and talking about food over and over again. A girl has to to what she has to do though. I checked out TimeOut Istanbul`s Food Festival last Sunday and tasted amaaaaaaaaaazing food from Istanbul`s best […]

I feel like escaping. Do you?

I have been thinking about this for sometime now. Are we feeling bored of our times or worse do we want to get rid of 2012 already? I do not want to sound blue, but I am sure you are noticing the not so new trend of nostalgia? Mad Men is the most favourite TV […]