Would you eat Asian in Paris?Eat at Le Sourire de Saigon

On a regular day in Paris, you do eat French…? I will go bold and say Don’t!!!

Do eat Asian in Paris and prep yourself to be amazed. But don’t go to Champs Elysee or Monmarte eateries for God’s Sake. Go to Restaurant Saigon. A gem that is hard to find, hard to get a reservation and hard to leave without satisfaction. What is great is definitely the food but I think what I admired most (except for the times I was licking my fingers) were authenticity of the place, sophistication of the food dishes and care. You are treated as you are the only customer and decor, staff and choice of everything is so unique. I really liked the fact that they care enough to take you through the menu, tell all the dishes one by one. A restaurant choice that you will never go wrong. Especially if you don’t want to play tourist.

It could be one of the best Asian restaurants in Europe! This one is hard to find: 54 Rue du Mont Cenis 75018 Paris France

Cool factor: The dishes, definitely the dishes.