Hottest breakfast spots in Paris: Cafe Oberkampf vs Cafe Mericourt

By now, you already know I love my breakfasts. Sure is a serious thing for me. It is about eggs, freshly brewed tea followed by coffee. Confessions made: I am a serious drinker. Of course aesthetics should be there too. I do care about the looks. So, last time in Paris I went out and beyond to find where style meets taste.

Cafe Mericourt is where Parisians with an apetite for style and great coffee go. Enjoying shakshukas and more you will find people to watch, laughs and friendly service. And almost Australian coffees.

Its sibling Cafe Oberkampf is just around the corner and is actually the first launched one of the two. Still same vibes but just a bit smaller aka cosy. If you were to pick one I’d say go to Mericourt. Sit at the bar, chat with the waiters and enjoy your breakfast.

The cool factor: Parisian clientele