Taormina, a short and relaxing beach break

Italy is always a good idea…and thinking about summer breaks, here is one on Taormina.

Taormina is the easy and elegant choice if you are looking for a small break under Italian sun. Food is great, people are lovely and you are in Italy. What can go wrong? On top, this is one of the most romantic spots of Italy with amazing views. We stayed in Villa Schuler and were wowed by the amazing garden of the hotel. It is one of the oldest guest houses and you can definitely feel the nostalgic vibes.


You can get lazy during day and dip into perfect blue sea but don’t expect glamour on the beach in Taormina. You get the basics though: a Parasol and a lounger, but that’s it. Compared to Greek Islands Sicily is much simpler.

But the food, hmmm even in this small town you have plenty and plenty of choices.

First try Ristorante Nettuna, mouth watering food, decent cocktails and a gorgeous terrace. My choice is always pasta with seafood in Italy and here again I was not disappointed.

And if you are after a Michelin one, try La Capinera. A gastronomic heaven created by Chef Pietro D’agostino. Original recipes made from local ingredients served beautifully. Ambience is sympathetically elegant.  Verdict: A place that you can hardly be disappointed.

There are lot of things to do in Taormina. I did the Italy usuals. Stroll and stroll around the town, sit down at the piazza and lick gelato, gaze the stars and enjoy fare di niente*

And if you insist to shop:) you can check the boutique named “feliciotto”. We are in Italy after all, and shopping can be a necessity.

Amalfi vs Sicily??? Hmm, Amalfi would be my choice if I have to choose. BUT BUT BUT there is always room to travel more…

Taormina girl cool hunting checked!


*doing nothing