Traditonal vs Trendy: Paris Eats by a girl hunting the cool and tasty


If you are not a first timer in Paris you can skip the long queues in Louvre, may not climb up on Eiffel Tower and of course swap the touristic brasseries with new and trendy places where real Parisiens eat. Or should you? This may have been my 6th or 7th visit to the city and still I am mesmerized with the variety of my food choices.  I would like to taste “the new thing” but I am also hooked up on my old favourites. So I decided to blend my options. Voi la! Here are my recommendations:

Dinner for two: le Relais Entrecote vs Manko

So, you are in Paris. Should you have your Parisien steak or go for the new and trendy Peruvian for dinner? My recommendation would be to swap dinner for lunch at Le Relais Entrecote. Get to have the delicious beef  and avoid the long queues during dinner and enjoy your food in a more relaxed way. I have to admit that I actually go there to dip french fries in their world famous sauce (I  think I am not allowed to say “french” fries in France though 🙂 Don’t wait anything from the interior design. This is your casual eating out. Manko on the other hand is a new and chic restaurant where you get to have great cocktails and tasty ceviches. Some call its food spectacular, I wouldn’t go that far. However, everything we ordered was beyond ordinary. I really cannot forget about the veggie burger. Yummy! And moreover, they have live music at some nights. I also liked its bar and thought next time we should sit there.


Cafe Flore vs Taokan

Ok, go to Cafe Flore. Everyone still goes there and it is still good for any occasion. Breakfast, lunch, aperitifs or tea time. If it is good for Sartre and Victor Hugo, then it is good for you too. Sit outside in any weather condition like I do. This is how to do it in France. However, for dinner try something new. Try Taokan. This is a very good Chinese (and even with one Michelin star).  Enjoy dim sums. My benchmark place is always Yauatcha in London. Taokan passed the test! Tasty dim sum, attentive service and cosy atmosphere.


Angelina vs Laduree vs Pierre Herme

Neither of these are new and trendy.  But they all are worth a visit. A million times. My to do list for these are: Drink Hot Chocolate in Angelina, eat macarons at Laduree (of course!) and get chocolates from Pierre Herme.  Tantalising, mouth watering desserts. Always a good idea.