Park Chinois: The perfect date night in London

Looking for a great date night in London? Fab food, stylish interiors and a bit of glamour ? Park Chinois might just be the answer. I think I haven’t been that impressed from any other restaurant in London for some time now. I love Asian food, I love live music and here you are Park Chinois blends these to in a perfect way.

Alan Yau nailed it…Again. Set in Mayfair you enter a world that beams you straight to 1920s. Waiters in tuxedos, lush and posh setting, rich red colours, finest porcelains, silver cutlery and everything.

And the best is: Food is great. You get a good selection of dim sum, yummy Asian dishes and great cocktails…And on top, there is live music. A smooth jazz band which takes you a different world, different era.  I loved it. The price is on the expensive side. Yet again, if you are living like the Great Gatsby, how could you put a price tag on it?

I’d definitely recommend Park Chinois for  special occasions. For date nights or when you take clients to impress.

Cool factor:

The Great Gatsby aura