Hillside Fethiye vs D Hotel Maris: Where to go in Turkish Cote D’azur?

I am a big fan of Turkish seaside especially Mediterranean coastline. For many, that always comes with the question where to go ? Or where do locals go? You have two viable options: D Hotel Maris and Fethiye Hillside Beach Club.

Let me start by saying  that I am a fan of Hillside Fethiye Beach Club. A  never disappointing beach destination and  I am going  there for the last 10 years. Luxurious but not in your face type of luxury. Luxury that comes from great great service, amazing food, attention to details and the wonderful beaches.

One can find almost anything:  Beaches only adults can go, serene and tranquil.

Beaches for families that comes with lots of noise but also with perks such as staff  wiping your sunglasses. Cute, hah?  In the end your hands are full with the watermelon they just delivered (just a treat they do and they do lots of treats) as refreshment !

Well planned and well played beach parties that you wouldn’t expect from a beach club.

Classic music performances where your stage is the sea and moonlight.

Open air cinemas..Where else but  here… you cuddle with your loved ones and watch blockbusters on comfy lounges

Food is also another story..you can have top notch, gourmet open buffets or you could just enjoy fine dining in the 2 restaurants where great food meets great service and amazing view. And this is for free.

So to me it is my to go place…Every year I am looking forward to the time I meet my favourite club, with friends, as a couple or (hopefully) as a family.

And this year I had met with D Maris. I was told a lot of things, especially about its astounding beaches. And everyone knows I am a beach girl. So to me, this was an inevitable gathering.  Have I liked it?

The first  day I was on the main beach, I have to confess the Maldivian sand was not enough to impress me. Yes it was a beautiful beach, but it was mostly for families and I dunno but I just was not impressed that much. I remember thinking to myself is this what everyone is talking about? And for this price  ? Yes,  D Maris is very, very expensive.

But then the next day I went to silent beach…And boy, I was sold the moment I laid my feet on. Such a beautiful,cosy beach; such a dream. Turquoise water and fine,white sand now  made sense.  I was captivated by its beauty. That day I investigated all beaches but still silent is my fav.

When it comes to food  one could argue that they give you best of the world with in house Zuma (a favourite from London and a few select cities,  meat lovers’ dream Nusret and Il Riccio from Capri. But,  this is the trick for me. I enjoy such places for one night, but then I do want some local things and better variety. And as you  can imagine these restaurants comes with high price tags.  So compared to Hillside Fethiye this part is glossy but less satisfactory.

And there are other things..Service is friendly but not always impeccable. Rooms are over the top luxurious but you feel like you are in a city hotel. The beaches are perfect but the changing rooms and showers are a nightmare. Who is the genius behind Marble shower and changing room where you can easily slip and without a drain???

And to me D Hotel Maris feels like new money kind of luxury. Luxury built on image but not from the experience. So in your face…

That being said this place is still  a great choice for a weekend away (but not  for a week). Go with your friend/husband/significant other. Spoil  yourself…In  the end this is a wonderful place, a beach from heaven.

But if it comes to the question of Hillside Fethiye vs D Hotel Maris…My mind and my choice is crystal clear. Fethiye Hillside. Always.

D  Maris

Hillside Fethiye