Met Gala 2016: Man vs Machine

Manus vs Machina…Are we really going that far? Is technology becoming indispensable in fashion? Is wearable technology going  to dominate fashion? All these crazy thoughts running in our heads while watching  Met’s 2016 Gala…Vogue as always was setting the fashion agenda in the industry with its one of a kind spectacular events.

Who was the best reflection of the theme?

I’d go For Karolina Kurkova and Claire Danes. Both dresses blended handmade/bespoke tailoring with technology instead of choosing one.  Karolina’s dress reflected the emotions from social media by changing colours and also was a great piece of Haute Couture. Claire Danes’ dress was sewed  from  fiber  optic organza (!) and  she literally sparked up! WOW!


And to me some were boring…Like Kardashians and the other Balmain celebs…Giving what is expected in a very dull way. Nothing  surprising, nothing original.

And again some were a bit disappointing…Like Beyonce…Just didn’t like it..Personal opinion of course.


And  again Taylor Swift…She may have finally found a way to  make herself look bad…She looked like an Amazon, alright. But not like a fashionista..


And again I am confused with Blake Lively’s dress. Is she going after craftsmanship? Not looked so.  Though,  clearly she did not do technology.


But at least she was not looking ridiculous.  MaMamia donna!


Yet  again, I am going to look forward to 2017 Met Gala..As always  one of the biggest events in fashion.  To read and learn more on Met Gala you may check one of my earlier posts