Paros…lovely Paros

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A less popular choice than its popular sibling Mykonos (but definitely a right one) is to go for a short break in Paros, lovely Greek Island which is a short 50 min ferry ride from Mykonos.Offering wonderful beaches, great local restaurants and lovely people. What else one can ask…

I was captivated by this beauty 2 weeks ago and I will now take you to my 3 day itenary for Paros.

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Make Naousa your quarters. This is the chic and lovely little town up north. We stayed in beautiful Hotel Senia overlooking Naousa bay from a cliff. Amazing view, lovely hotel.

First day go to Agia Irini for beach and enjoy azur, clean waters and spend half the day lazily under pine trees. For lunch go local and have home made yummies at Taverna Livadaki. This is a real local spot so do not expect anything fancy. Take a lap or two while waiting for you food and make wait worthwhile. Once you are finished with lunch continue beach hopping as we did. Stop at stylish Palm Beach. Take another lap or two, play backgammon like locals do (and lose the game with grace like I did:)

For dinner go to Mario’s at Nasousa port. Place is bustling, fish fresh, locals laughing… Service is on the slow side. The islanders do not complain. I keep thinking I should behave like one. But it had been so challenging to silence a hungry tummy.

With its long and sandy beach our first stop was “golden beach” for day 2. Definitely deserves the name.

We then fled to Faragas beach. Probably my fav in whole Paros. Laid back but stylish beach club. Beautiful sea, cool restaurant. Music was good, drinks chilly sadly we said our goodbyes  early to hop on our car and discover the town in day light.

i was eyeing the massive bakery at the very center since day 1.. .  can’t remember the  day but you cant miss it. And once finally walked in, completely lost myself inside. I narrowed my options down to 5 and bribed my Mr to share 3 of them ( hey who is counting). In the end (and after an hour of sweet feast) my verdict is Greek fellas do know about pastries

We went to Yemeni the last night and boy we did good. All fresh, very creative and totally loimage image imagecal. This is the place to go. Full stop. The place is popular so reservation is a must. The food is finger lickingly good but you have to sit outside. Inside is a it stuffed.

For Day 3, we headed to Santa Maria for beach and the namesake beach club. But, beware that you need to go to little Santa Maria not the big one. Then after a good swim go and buy yourself spaghetti lobster at Dxyto. After all those, you deserved a carb rush:) Dxyto is a lovely rest owned by a fisherman and his lovely wife and I am sure you will like it.

For Dinner Day 3, you may go and have your feast Taverna Galafkos to enjoy feet on the beach kind of delicious seafood.

Ohh, writing these I just miss it. See you dear Paros, see you till next time!

Cool Factor: Paros being the unspoiled Mykonos