Blue Voyage…The perfect holiday on Turkish coast

I do not have enough words to describe my love for sea…Simply put, I adore it. It makes me rejuvenate. Almost like the Phoenix coming alive out of her own ashes, I feel I am reborn after a good swim …Released from the stress and worries. Therefore a good holiday always consists of sea side destinations. The perfect holiday?
Blue Voyage… Known also as Blue Cruises, these vacations can be described as lazy days spent on wooden private yachts while cruising Mediterranean sea.
Lots of swim, lots of sun.
And surprisingly lots of gourmet food thanks to the very capable onboard chefs dedicated to guests. I will leave you with photos to have a real feel of the experience. Cause this time, words cannot beat visuals…But, of course not without my tips:
1) Always hire a private tour with friends
2) Location matters: Go for the less crowded coves, untouched bays to have your own Robinson Crusoe moments
3) Buy lots of liqueur 🙂
4) Sleep on the decks not inside cabins, it would be a bliss to sleep looking at stars and be woken up by sunlight
5) Wear minimal, only bikinis are needed 🙂 and apply no make-up rule
6) The staff and captain is more important than the boat itself, seek friend recommendations

If you need my advice, just send a note…

Enjoy the photos…

Cool factor: Blue voyage everything.7
Photo Credit: Me, Oya Ayan, Tolga Erguven, Burak Kaya

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