My go to coffee place in Rome: Caffe Greco Antico

If you are in Italy, it is a known and “proven many times” fact that you can never do wrong with coffee. Not unless you insist at calling your coffee just as “latte (cause it means milk)” instead of ” coffee latte” or “latte macchiato”. It is always good. So anywhere you go, you will be celebrating your taste buds. Even at a shabby looking airport cafe you still get good coffee. Yet, service and tradition is something else and for this you may need to work a bit harder.

In Rome, one of my go to destinations for good coffee is always Caffe Greco. Yes it is a tourist destination, yes it is old school but I love the place just for that. It is located in one of the most bustling streets of Rome, Via Condotti and it is founded in 1760- hats off!

The service is amazing. You get silver cutlery, stylishly served coffee, white table cloths and amazing little treats. And all being served by gentlemen wearing tux 🙂

It has such a vibe that you feel transmitted back to olden but golden days.

Here are Caffe Greco Photos from my last Rome tripcaffegrecopeople

Cool factor? The waiters in tux and coffee lattes served in proseccoperfectcombocaffegreco glasses!caffelatte signcaffegreco caffefrecopeople2