Monthly Archives: June 2015

June 23

My go to coffee place in Rome: Caffe Greco Antico

If you are in Italy, it is a known and “proven many times” fact that you can never do wrong with coffee. Not unless you insist at calling your coffee just as “latte (cause it means milk)” instead of ” coffee latte” or “latte macchiato”. It is always good. So anywhere you go, you will […]

June 17

Where to go to breakfast in NYC ? Joseph Leonard (New York City hot spot)

Joseph Leonard, a lovely, lovely place in NY, down in West Village is perhaps a never disappointing favorite in New York to get a good brunch. Hands down, it has lovely food but I really love the feel of this small cafe. It has a bohemian feel which is really refreshing after all Nordic inspired cafes […]

June 04

Alacati in 48 hours

If you are visiting Turkey in summer time, or if you are a local living in the city suffering hot, “oh so hot” weather then you’d need a weekend getaway. A short travel to help you chill. I got the perfect itenary for you. 48 Hour long Alacati get away. Alacati is a summer town […]