A great night out in Istanbul: Nopa Istanbul

It’s been quite a while that the writer of this blog actually wrote something! Not lazy me,no but still apologies to all. Work, work,work plus some fun but just not the time to write. So let’s start where we left off.

I would like to tell you about the great night out I had with friends at the charming NOPA İstanbul. It is a great restaurant with amazing atmosphere in Nisantasi (Istanbul’s answer to Chelsea in London). Just the great place for us looking for cool. Their interiors are amazing. They brilliantly covered the walls with real plants so you almost feel you are in a city oasis

nopa istanbul inside pic

And it has a great bar. You can spend your night there enjoying your cocktails and proseccos and you will be just fine.


If you are hungry their dining menu is also great. Just enough of variety that gives you room to choose,  but not a vast of things that makes you question their
expertise. I went
for goat cheese and avocado salad followed by  homemade shrimp pasta. I loved it. It was tasty, beautifully presented and portions were filling. My friends had other choices and I heard no one to complain.

The surprise factor is the live music. They have this lovely duo of a gorgeous singer and a saxophone player. They were amazing. Moreover, they do not play constantly and give adequate breaks that enable you to have a conversation with company over dinner. I really enjoyed it.

Prices are on the higher end so you may want to save the place for a special occasion.

Cool factor: The live performance. But I really loved the place in every way. Loved it, loved it,loved it.

live music

live music

singernopa nopabar2 nopabar pastanoparagu cheers lambdishnopa