Chasing the best local food in Istanbul: Ozkilis Lahmacun Restaurant

People who know me know that I love lahmacun. Though hate describing it like this; lahmacun is what they call Turkish pizza. A pastry topped with meat and greens.

I was told by B. that he found the best lahmacun place in İstanbul. Such a bold remark! So, I had to go with his lead. Place is called “Özkilis” Lahmacun place and it is hidden in the old part of Istanbul, Fatih. Nothing fancy about the place and it is hard to get (there) as all good things are:) but food…food is delish. You gotta start with yuvalama, a traditional soup recipe and of course lahmacun must be in order. Try varieties like garlic and onion. Both were finger lickingly good. Crispy bottoms with soft, juicy, meaty tops…heavenly…And to top off, we shared a specialty kebab even we were full…

In the end my verdict is it was worth all the hassle…great food, great and friendly service and cosy ambience. Beware that they do not accept credit cards. You should definitely try it out yourselves. If you are tourist I think you better go there with a taxi. Was it the best lahmacun I ever had? I thinkI. I am still searching…yet, it was one of the best ever…