Chasing local tastes in Istanbul: Vefa Bozacisi

If you read my earlier post, here is the perfect end to it.

There is a drink kept as a secret in Turkey. It is called “boza” and it is a prebiotic drink consumed in winter, despite being served chilled. The most fabozadrinkmous place for HomeMade Boza is “Vefa Bozacısı”  which is in Fatih neighbourhood again. It is an authentic,historic place running for many years and a great treat for anyone. Boza taste is rather sour and maybe that’s why I never got its true value until I grew up. Below you see me dippin’. I prefer my Boza topped with roasted chickpeas. I can hear ewws and hows but you will not regret, trust me..

So now we made the perfect food spotting itenary for you the only thing left is for you to give it a go…