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March 09

Chasing local tastes in Istanbul: Vefa Bozacisi

If you read my earlier post, here is the perfect end to it. There is a drink kept as a secret in Turkey. It is called “boza” and it is a prebiotic drink consumed in winter, despite being served chilled. The most famous place for HomeMade Boza is “Vefa Bozacısı”  which is in Fatih neighbourhood […]

March 09

Chasing the best local food in Istanbul: Ozkilis Lahmacun Restaurant

People who know me know that I love lahmacun. Though hate describing it like this; lahmacun is what they call Turkish pizza. A pastry topped with meat and greens. I was told by B. that he found the best lahmacun place in İstanbul. Such a bold remark! So, I had to go with his lead. […]