Worst Dresses of 2015 GRAMMYs

I really am disappointed with 2015 Grammys red carpet. Let’s see what I mean with some examples…

Yes this is a straight from catwalk new season Giambattista Valli number. yes, this is a hard to miss, an oh mi god look at this kind of a dress (though not in a good way). But and a big BUT…Rihanna…really??? So fluffy that she’s lost inside and definitely not a figure fattering one. Color is cute but that’s all.

Rihanna-2015-Grammy-Awards-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Giambattista-Valli-Couture-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO-1 r'hannaGrammy2015

And what is wrong with people? Tooooooo much cleavage really kills it..It really looks like Kim Kardashian just forgot to get dressed and hanging around with her bathrobe or something.

kim kardashianI couldn’t find anyone to worth sharing for best dressed. Beyonce was kind of ok. But, she was not taking any risks with that classic choice.

And can you even notice a difference from past years? I know I can’t…It is almost a “spot the difference” play with these 2 separate looks from her at different Grammys.

Now, I just hope the Oscars won’t disappoint.


beyonce-600x450 (1)