Monthly Archives: February 2015

February 22

Wearable Art and Green Embassy

Fashion itself is of course an art form. At least for me… But sometimes there comes a point it even becomes a manifestation. Green Embassy is an Australian brand that captures a serious life manifesto under the disguise of fashion. It is a sustainable, organic haute couture brand that originated from art and an Alpaca […]

February 11

Worst Dresses of 2015 GRAMMYs

I really am disappointed with 2015 Grammys red carpet. Let’s see what I mean with some examples… Yes this is a straight from catwalk new season Giambattista Valli number. yes, this is a hard to miss, an oh mi god look at this kind of a dress (though not in a good way). But and a big BUT…Rihanna…really??? […]

rudolf istanbul February 01

Istanbul’s newest fine dining spot: Rudolf Istanbul

Istanbul is becoming a more interesting dining scene every passing day. Fine dining here is not cheap, rules of fine dining are not as established, not easy to have the exotic ingredients. Yet you may still get wonderful finds… Rudolf Istanbul is by fat the most impressive restaurant that is opened in the past months…It is […]