Bolshoi Theatre: The epitome of glamour

It is hard to talk about an experience that makes you speechless. It really is. What I experienced with Lady of Camellias Ballet at the iconic Bolshoi Theater in Moscow last Thursday is just like that. Old school glamour combined with great, great performance and soul.

The famous Moscow Ballet Theater needs no introductions, but the moment you put your foot in, I can tell that you are transferred back to 1600s and the glamour of that era.. The times where art and performances were appreciated as they are meant to…Even in this very modern times, it is great to see women coming to Bolshoi in their long evening dresses and furs (we are in Moscow and coping with  0 degree -no judgements)

The theater itself is just gorgeous. simple as that.





Tzar’s box (in the olden days)



I sat in a Vip box with courtesy of MasterCard’s Priceless Moscow, a platform where you get numerous and priceless experiences just like this one. Honestly, I can not think of anything more priceless than this one. I could even hear the ballet dancer breathing!!!



The show…oh mi god…oh mi god…it is the best experience I ever had..head ballerina and ballet were impeccable dancers yes but they were also great actors. they completely conveyed all the emotions they have to us. I just fell in love with them. literally. And in the end I just felt like crying. Ahh I should also mention the costumes…They were out of this world. I just wanted to grab and take them home.

I know this one is not easy, but if I were you I definitely would put Bolshoi experience in my bucket list.

I hope you get to enjoy one day.