This summer’s greatest find for me was the beautiful isle of Corsica. I heard of Corsica of course. Heard and always wanted to go. And when it came real just made me speechless. Located just off Italy (but strangely belonging to France) this medium to big size island has its wonders. Azure & Pristine beaches, great seafood and laid back islanders make it the go to and love forever destination for me. I admit I am deeply, truly in love with Corsica.

We stayed in St Florent, a small town which hosts superyatchs and celebrities like Mr George Clooney but still keeping the local vibe intact. It is good to decide where you want to discover in Corsica before you book your hotel cause it is not that easy to drive around. It is a big island, with steep hills and narrow roads and with little lighting. Due to all facts above we could only see the northwestern part of the island: St. Florent and Calvi.

The beaches you should go? If you are after wild, pristine beaches go to Saleccia or Lotu. Beware that there are no facilities though. Reading between the lines- you can find things to eat but no WCs. Yep, better drink less. You may not find a loo but you will find Maldives like beaches and wonderful, wonderful nature…My pick of two would be Lotu by the way.

motu motubarmotu2motu1

Our hotel choice was “Demure Loredana” which was a lovely boutique hotel overlooking Corsican sea. You get to have your breakfast served right at your balcony which gives you another excuse to be lazy. Rooms are spacious and luxuriously designed. Staff is extremely nice and helpful. You have a great view and anything else you can imagine. The hotel is a great choice. Full stop.

la-demeure-loredana-face demure

One obvious choice for a good restaurant is L`Auberge du Pecheur which is a fresh fish restaurant boasting a beautiful backyard and the food is just great. This is one of the top spots in St Florent which accompanies great food with great service.


We also loved the restaurants at port. Cesare in particular, we loved it so and ended up going there twice.

The greatest beach find was at another town. We discovered Mata Hari of Lumio and loved it loved it loved it. You should read my post re Mata Hari in case you are interested.

The weather is sublime in Corsica-not too hot even in the middle of summer but still letting you to get a good sun tan.

The local food and wine is amazing. Vineyards are a big thing in Corsica so we couldn’t help but wander around in one.



I can talk forever about the gorgeous Corsica. Yet, I will stop just here because it deserves a discovery on your own.

The cool factor? Mata Hari of Lumio and the joy of being an islander of course…