Mata Hari of Lumio Beach:Best kept secret of Corsica

I did tons of research to find the best of best in Corsica. Especially of Beaches. Internet surfing, local recommendations, travel mags and more. I did come across the regulars like Lotu beach, Saleccia and sure they didn’t disappoint. They offered Maldivian turquoise water and fine sand + perfect sunbathing. The down side? Despite offering dreamy dipping they performed poor in terms of facilities. Lack of a proper bar but most importantly lacking toilets. For many this may be ok. I agree but only up to a certain extent.

I discovered Mata Hari, a privately owned restaurant/ beach on my way to Calvi at Lumio beach. My significant other was driving for some time and we were anxious to get off and find somewhere to take a good dip. We saw a small signage towards Lumio and Mata Hari as the name. I felt something good was coming and what I found didn’t disappoint.


Perfect little beach with the most romantic restaurant ever. White table clothes and everything. Sea is spectacular almost like an aquarium with many beautiful fish inside (always a good sign when it comes to cleanliness). The sand is not as fine or as white as lotu or saleccio but still very very good and you can event rent sun loungers (believe me this is definition of luxury in Corsica) but the cool factor is the lovely restaurant. Perfect setting, great atmosphere, attentive staff and great great food. I had lobster tagliatelle accompanied with local wine and a yummy dessert.

image image image

And you get to have your feet in sand when you are enjoying your food. Lovely!


Not even reading once about Mata Hari over the net, I have a feeling that Corsicans wanted to keep this place all to themselves.

image image


Aaah and one more thing this place appears to be also Laeticia Casta’s favourlte from the many photos of her at the place which cover one of the walls.

If you are ever in Corsica, go to Mata Hari and sip your local rose thinking of me. Cheers!