Monthly Archives: July 2014

July 31

A glimpse of Portofino

North Italian beauty Portofino has a reputation of being the to go destination for the stylish crowd. Well deserved. This mini port town may have more luxury boutiques per sqm than anywhere else. Real reason must be the scenery though…simply breathtaking. I will come back with a reco list for Portofino when I have time […]

Lux on the beach

Isn’t this cool or what? Hermes’ brilliant shop window at the ultra chic port town Portofino. More to come about Portofino… C.

July 26

Mata Hari of Lumio Beach:Best kept secret of Corsica

I did tons of research to find the best of best in Corsica. Especially of Beaches. Internet surfing, local recommendations, travel mags and more. I did come across the regulars like Lotu beach, Saleccia and sure they didn’t disappoint. They offered Maldivian turquoise water and fine sand + perfect sunbathing. The down side? Despite offering […]