Momofuku KO: A New York taste adventure

Being stuck at home with flu on a warm April Istanbul day, I have nothing to do but cherish memories; in this case my last NY trip. I do love NY, I can go there anytime for any reason. The object of my affection this time comes in the shape of a lovely dining experience. A Michelin one without the formal fuss. David Chang`s sought after, talked after restaurant Momofuku KO. In one word- I liked it. It had a casually chick vibe. And the food…it was divine…and who knew halibut skin cracker could taste yummy. The thing with Momofoku KO is you really don`t know what menu you are getting till the actual time you are there. You are served by the chef who actually cooks your meal and within the 14 of you (yeahh only 14 lucky mortals have this experience at a time) you share this amazing yet a bit difficult to tell what I am eating moments. Yes, they tell you what you are eating but I am warning you hearing the name of the dish sometimes does not make any sense-so be warned perhaps your  Ko experience is one them them.

Unfortunately I will not be able to share photos because noone is allowed to take photos inside during the actual thing (and this time I behaved nice) but here are some teasers.

momofuku-ko IMG_1461

And one thing I should mention. Ko`s entrance is a difficult find itself. I dunno maybe “difficult to find” is their marketing strategy from head to toe.


The window for reservation starts everyday at 10 am NY time and finishes by 10.03. First hand experience! But it`s worth it, if you care about food hunting.