Istanbul bites: Fenix

Vibrant gastronomic life of Istanbul just got a new addition: Fenix. I did pay a lunch visit and quite liked what I found.

The decor is colonial,chic, airy and with a style far from the look same- feel same type of minimalist, Nordics inspired restaurants. And the terrace…ohhh it is good,it is like a fresh breathe of air with all that green in the middle of the city. I hear that Fenix was designed by Zeynep Fadillioglu- an award winning Turkish interior designer. What can I say? It showsss.

We sat on the terrace, it was just the perfect, sunny, smiley Istanbul day and the reason being there was a little treat break to just another busy, working day.


The service was a bit slow, a bit too “Dolce vita” for Istanbulians, but perhaps also a good excuse to enjoy daylight.

The food: The menu was a 2 pager-back and front and they were missing some of the things I wanted to try like shrimp gyoza but I liked what I tasted. I liked that they experimented with different sauces and also they offered rolls, gyozas, tartines which are not the typical dishes at Istanbul restaurants. Well done head chef! I really enjoyed all of the things that came on the table.


Portions were very small though and the only thing that I would not recommend on the menu is perhaps the goat cheese tartine/ It was a bit too average. Yes, it came warm-always a good sign for me when it comes to goat cheese, but the taste was ordinary and bruschetta was, how to put plainly, a bit too plain:)

We finished off with coffee lattes, served old school English style. Perhaps we were to go for tea to fully live the spirit!


The place is fully booked for the coming two weekends so hurry up.

The cool factor? To me it is definitely the amazing terrace and my will to go back.