My not to buy shoe list for Spring Summer 2014

Staying home for a cold winter day makes one dream of spring. What to do, where to go and last but not least what to wear. So here I am, googling spring summer collections for inspiration. Thanks to its highness world wide web, I have the ability to see what fashion editors, models, it girls and somebodies knowing somebody of this world sees first hand. Lots of fashion…

Some I like, some…I dunno how to put it, but let me be blunt here-I hate it. I turned to my favorites for inspiration. Yet, I found what not to buy, at least for shoe shopping. Here is my Top 3 hate list:

First place goes to Chloe with this granny shoes. How on earth House of  Chloe may think this is fashion (one of my all time favourite labels!) and why on earth the model is not pedicured! Granny shoes, full stop!


Second place goes to….Manolo Blahnik with the below boring shoes. I am sure Carrie wouldn’t wear that!


I am torn between these for third place so take your pick. Probably I hate Christian Louboutin one more, at least Rouland Mouret has the space vibe. Yet, that’s a close call.


Here is my not to buy ever, Hate list Top 3 for Spring Summer shoes . Let me know, what is yours.