Looking for a weekday dinner in Istanbul? Meet Sidika…

Kebab is the only thing that comes into mind when one thinks about Turkish cuisine… This couldn’t be more wrong. I have to admit that it is becoming harder to discover authentic Turkish eateries even in Turkey and even for locals. Yet, you are lucky. You are lucky cause I am gonna recommend you a perfect meze place in the heart of Istanbul. For people who have no idea about what “meze” is: Mezes are Turkish nibbles similar to Spanish tapas and generally are good companions for drinks like “raki” or wine. Mezes are a significant part of authentic Turkish cuisine and we, Turkish fellows are crazy about it.

“Sıdıka” is a cosy meze place that you can dine with jazz in Besiktas, Istanbul. It is close to W hotel in Akaretler, but hidden like a small gem. Hence, you need to googlemap it… Sidika is kind of a place that you can dive into tasty mezes in a lovely atmosphere. This is a place of warmth so do not expect Phillip Stark kind of coolnes. On the contrary, there is nothing quirky about the place but just homely, Mediterranean feel.

Look at these yumminess…


What stands out is the tastiness of everything they serve. Fingerlickingly good food.


What I recoomend? All types of seafood platters-grilled octopus was divine and all sorts of greens as you can see from above.

I’d pick this place for a  weeknight, not fancy interiors but really cosy. Low volume music that you can have a decent chat with friends.


See how we are smiling after having our tummies filled with loads of yumminess!


The cool factor: mezes, mezes and mezes:)