Monthly Archives: February 2014

February 23

Dreaming of Africa

It is easy to day dream on Sunday. It is the end of weekend and for most of us Monday blues sinks in. Here I am day dreaming of escaping…Escaping to somewhere warm  in the cold Northern hemisphere February, somewhere once I have been. Somewhere perhaps a bit wild. South Africa… What I miss now […]

February 16

My not to buy shoe list for Spring Summer 2014

Staying home for a cold winter day makes one dream of spring. What to do, where to go and last but not least what to wear. So here I am, googling spring summer collections for inspiration. Thanks to its highness world wide web, I have the ability to see what fashion editors, models, it girls […]

February 02

Looking for a weekday dinner in Istanbul? Meet Sidika…

Kebab is the only thing that comes into mind when one thinks about Turkish cuisine… This couldn’t be more wrong. I have to admit that it is becoming harder to discover authentic Turkish eateries even in Turkey and even for locals. Yet, you are lucky. You are lucky cause I am gonna recommend you a […]