Where to go out in Istanbul? Mama Shelter Istanbul

My friends from other parts of the world would often ask for Istanbul tips. Istanbul, for sure, has been a rising star for the last decade. Not just because it has been ranked in “Top 10 cities to live” sort of lists by well respected magazines like Wallpaper or FT, but also because it has been a mix of everything: old and new, hip and traditional, Asian and western…and story goes.

Where to go out at night is ever changing since Istanbulians like to switch places, they tend to fly from one place to another every year. Yes, there a a couple of places that stay in spotlight . That become traditional  to hang out… but there is an unspoken consensus that there is always a new place to see and to be seen.

Mama Shelter Istanbul is definitely one of these places nowadays. Not an Istanbul originale, but a French import. Yet, the beautifully decorated Istanbul outpost has a well-deserved fame in town.

First of all, I adored the stylishly designed interiors


The bar is the place to hang out at Mama Shelter Istanbul-forget about the tables guys, this is the place everyone mix and chat.

Cocktails were more than satisfactory, offer was much more than the usual suspects-mojitos and margaritas

The food…How to put it? I would say it was ok/nothing special but decent.

Mama Shelter Istanbul


Dessert list was cruel-oh mi god, I tried to resist, but Turkish coffee creme brule and nutella souffle were sooo tempting that we ended up ordering both. Mark my word: They were worth the extra calories.

Nope, no visual from dessert plates cause in 5 -10 seconds we stuffed all in and the scene was brutal.

The music was nice, vibe was great so I believe this place can be recommended to anyone who would like to have pre or after theater nibbles or to have a couple of drinks before you dive into wild nightlife.

IMG_1738 IMG_1740

Cool factor for me: Oh la la, definitely the setting!