Style meets hair stuff: H&H at Zorlu Center Istanbul

I was positively surprised to discover newly opened H & H hairdresser at Zorlu Istanbul.  Image

So comfortable and sooo stylish…Your eyes and mind can deceive you trying to understand whether this is a cool hanging place or actually a hairdresser where you get ugly first ( yes, I am talking about hair dying) to get beautiful.


They offer a real, expert service using Aveda products. First, they give you consultancy while doing hand massages-yes you heard it right:)

And for the first time somebody heard me and did not put mirrors to coloring space-I don’t want to see my most ugly self in the mirror when I get my hair colored! full stop.


and if you are bored, they have this beautiful mini library occupied with style books-good thinking.


I really liked H&H at Zorlu Center Istanbul-I think I found my new place when it comes to the hair department…