Monthly Archives: December 2013

December 29

Style meets hair stuff: H&H at Zorlu Center Istanbul

I was positively surprised to discover newly opened H & H hairdresser at Zorlu Istanbul.   So comfortable and sooo stylish…Your eyes and mind can deceive you trying to understand whether this is a cool hanging place or actually a hairdresser where you get ugly first ( yes, I am talking about hair dying) to […]

December 29

Where to go out in Istanbul? Mama Shelter Istanbul

My friends from other parts of the world would often ask for Istanbul tips. Istanbul, for sure, has been a rising star for the last decade. Not just because it has been ranked in “Top 10 cities to live” sort of lists by well respected magazines like Wallpaper or FT, but also because it has […]

December 15

London Best of-Dining at Barrafina

My friends always ask for go to places in London. The hip and sought after spots to be exact. I am not saying I am the only expert around but God knows I do invest in getting around rather than bonds or stocks or whatever.. A few weeks earlier I was making a London Best […]