If you wake up hungry in New York

I woke up feeling pretty hungry today and that led me thinking where to go for a lovely breakfast (of course!).  If you are a reader of this blog  then you already know I am a big fan of great breakfast venues. I am always looking for the cool factor but again it is the food itself that counts most.

A recent find, thanks to a real Downtowner Utku, is Bread NYC. It is a real gem in the heart of Soho and as always Trip Advisorish websites didn’t do justice to the place.  Always hear real people folks! Always.

Let’s start with the atmosphere: Bread NYC has very artsy interiors which almost makes you wonder if you are in a photo exhibition. Niceee. It is also quite spacious on the contrary to the images shown in Trip Advisor (surprise surprise!)



Here comes the best part: Food is great. Food comes in big portions. Food comes in great presentations…and it is tasty!

IMG_1368 IMG_1369 IMG_1370

All egg dishes are highly recommended (yum yum yum) and I must confess that we  topped up with nutella tartine. Twice— Heeey the place is called Bread what were we supposed to do-eat granola?

I must admit I was already taken when my tea came, even before tasting the super delicious food.


and just because I like what I saw with tea, of course I drank also a Latte (note to self avoid eating a lot and drinking a lot at the very same time when you plan a day out walking or shopping, it has some serious, serious consequences)


I am currently in Istanbul by the way and I will have to opt another place but Bread (which reminded me that I must start writing about Istanbul’s to go places).

However, if you are in New York  but do not want to limit your breakfast choices to diners-do go to 20 Spring Street and write back to me:)