Coats or statues?

I have been making excuses to myself to cover up my laziness nowadays. Laziness to document what I have been seeing, tasting and living.  Today I am making myself back to work. And if we are talking about covering up in the literal sense here comes the Coat Issue!

You must have already heard that this season’s must haves are sculpture like, textured coats. We will be looking at  tailored yet massive, fine yet bulky looking, gorgeous coats. And we also know this seasonis all about colour in winter. Not shy but vivid, not dull but singing colours.

So how to match these 2 trends? Easy peasy.


First we have Dior Red one.



This is their window in London by the way…


and then comes…

Bottega Veneta



…Bottega Red one. Oh mi oh mi! It is exquisite I think, almost like Da Vinci  himself did create this.  So statesque ! This must be the perfect answer to this season. Obviously, I will not be able to shop that. Wild guess you won’t do that, too. However, as real lifers we still can enjoy these beauties…See Bottega’s NY Fifth Avenue window below and give in dreaming.



and of course then you wake up 🙂