London Reloaded…Vol1 Yauatcha

London is one of my top cities. Period. I am lucky to be a Londoner for a long enough period to experience its many varieties or flavours we shall say in this case. Yep, I am talking about food again. When it comes to food, Asian dishes has a special spot in my heart and in my tummy. And when we speak of Chinese, we should definitely devote at least one blog to my beloved YauatchaAlan Yau’s perfect Chinese with its  perfect atmosphere and exquisite dishes. For so long, it has been one of the “it” places. It has a cosy yet still very stylish bar with great cocktails. It has the best dumplings ever. And if you are a dumplings fan like me you will know how rare it is to find dumplings in the dinner menu and in Yauatcha they do all sorts of varieties.  My favourites are venison puff (tan ta lising!) and everything with seafood (Try the one with lobster and caviar and the softshell crab-yummy!) Writing this, I just feel hungry, so hungry:) And it has an amazing tea selection. If you are a real tea drinker like myself- being Turkish it comes with the genes, you really pay respect to places where you can find quality tea. THe mood of the venue is chic although from time to time you may see much more casually dressed people, the music is upbeat and sometimes it is a bit noisy. I always prefer to sit at downstairs and you should definitely go there if you want to have great food in a great atmosphere. It does not turn into a club though. It is a Michelin star experience and it is soooo goood! Here are some photos from my last visit.

My fav coctail-Kumkuatcha


Venison puff: soft, melts in your mouth and mind blowingly good.


A variety of seafood dumplings on the plate


and then on way to my tummy…


Yauatcha is in Soho neighbourhood, 15 Broadwick Street to be exact. So you can dine there and then head to a club afterwards=>ChinaWhite is  close. See  that could be your night out even if you had just one evening in London and would look for the perfect plan.

Go and try yourselves and pls let me know of what you think…