Club to Catwalk…

It is known that fashion repeats itself. At least, this is what fashion students are told. Therefore, it is important to do your homework (meaning you have to research the old as well as keeping an eye on the new). Here is a perfect excuse to do some research : V&A has put together a wonderful exhibition on 80’s fashion: “Club to Catwalk, London Fashion in 1980’s”. This exhibition once again shows the importance of watching streets, watching clubs and watching people to get inspiration and  create art. I am deeply impressed seeing how fashion in 80’s meant communicating your ideas and your beliefs. It was not just about showing off clothes but it was about defending freedom, your say, your sexual preferences and also defending the right to be different. Even John Galliano worked hard on his club “costumes” not to be turned away from the club door by Steve Strange.


Betty Jackson was one of the front runners of London Fashion in 80’s…Her Colours were vivid and prints were impressive if you ask me.


These jackets are taken from a catwalk event commisioned by Levi’s in 80’s

I especially loved Vivienne Westwood’s (Second from right)


Obviously, Boy George was a prominent figure of 80’s club scene, but so was the designer shop “Boy”.


The embellished outfit is by Rifat Ozbek and it was one of the most admired pieces in the exhibition.


80’s were bold and glamorous.  Take a close look to the  gold bandaged dress in the middle…

I said it was all about repetition, right? Look what I saw in 2013’s Agent Provocateur windows


Sometimes repetition is not bad, don’t you think…

Long story short, go and have this fantastic experience yourselves. I promise you won’t regret it and the great thing is you still have plenty of time to do it.


-The V&A Club to Catwalk show is on until Feb 19, 2013.