Monthly Archives: October 2013

Coats or statues?

I have been making excuses to myself to cover up my laziness nowadays. Laziness to document what I have been seeing, tasting and living.  Today I am making myself back to work. And if we are talking about covering up in the literal sense here comes the Coat Issue! You must have already heard that […]

London Reloaded…Vol1 Yauatcha

London is one of my top cities. Period. I am lucky to be a Londoner for a long enough period to experience its many varieties or flavours we shall say in this case. Yep, I am talking about food again. When it comes to food, Asian dishes has a special spot in my heart and […]

Club to Catwalk…

It is known that fashion repeats itself. At least, this is what fashion students are told. Therefore, it is important to do your homework (meaning you have to research the old as well as keeping an eye on the new). Here is a perfect excuse to do some research : V&A has put together a […]