Munching in Mykonos Grace feels good

I love breakfast. I never skip it or pass it with just a cup of coffee. Breakfast is important for me… And I have high standards when it comes to food. I will now give you a secret if you ever plan to go to Mykonos.   I may have eaten one of the best breakfasts ever in Mykonos. Surprise! Surprise! Grace Mykonos probably deserve an exclusive blog entry on its own right, but I will start by telling about its wonderful breakfast. It is probably the best feature of the hotel. Oh boy, what a feast it was.

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The ritual starts from the night before. They deliver you the breakfast menu for the day after just to set your expectations. Then the morning comes and you are set by the pool on the gorgeous terrace overlooking the Agios Stefanos Bay. Every detail is well thought.  White table cloths. Silver cutlery. Fine China. Champagne. Lots of it:) Daily changing menu from the local produce. And the surprise factor: It comes on your table. No queues, no open buffet rush and no more cold and “sorry but  the yummy something has just finished” problems. 6 course tasting menu served by excellent staff on your table. Mouthwatering, freshly squeezed juices, eggs in our own style, authentic local dishes and the tantalizing dessert. Everyday the dessert just blows your mind. The service is impeccable and you don’t even have to lift a finger to ask for something.  The experience itself is very Michelin starry. The food is great and so are people around. Yummy yummy yummy. So if you are heading to Mykonos, if you care about your breakfast and if you want style you may want to try Grace Mykonos.

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