What to wear: The Park Issue

“At last, my love is coming home…” sang Etta James…and this time my love is definitely the sun! If you are living in UK or North of Continental Europe, you will already know what I have been talking about.  Boyy, we missed the sun!!! It’s been depressing, rainy and cold! And, this week sun came gloriously.  At last…

In London, first thing you do when it’s sunny is to go out and enjoy the sun while it lasts (cause it ain’t too long sister:) and the best place to do that is the Park. Parks in London are the places to be and to be seen, to enjoy a picnic, do some sports or just be lazy. So the question is what to wear to parks? Again, since you only have a handful of days to show off best of your summer dresses, shorts and nice sandals. I think below could be great bets to wear at parks.  Or just go with your bikini:) In the end, who cares when it’s sunny out there!

These two are from Urban outfitters-one of my favourite shops (and, no I am not being paid)

The latter can be worn to any event by the way…To a lovely summer date, perhaps?

We know  prints, especially florals are big these season. So are shorts. Best of both worlds?Just combine the two!

Or go flashy.


These two above could easily combined with loose fitted T-shirts. If you can go posh, pick Alexander Wang.

And, add these cute sandals…Nope, these are not my feet!

I am still resting home mostly but if I can, I will also share more inspiration from parks.

Go enjoy yourselves while you can…