The Complete Christian Louboutin Experience: Honest, real and sometimes brutal observations of a working girl who has to buy her own shoes

I really believe fashion and style should not be exclusive. Yet, this is not always easy with the realities of life.  Boyy, the good things do cost a lot!!! And… I have to work for that.  I have to pay rent, I have to buy utilities and instead of saving money, which is obviously a more sensible thing to do, I love to spend my time and money to travel, dine and buying beautiful stuff. As you already know by now, I’ve wanted to have a pair of gorgeous looking Louboutins this year. I don’t want to go into details of why (pls refer to my Why we love Louboutins post). However, I will give you a frank view on how the whole experience went from the moment I barge into the shops till the moment I wear those lovely shoes, with again a brief ending on how I feel now.

I live in London but I went to Loubou shopping in Paris. I thought the man is French, he started in Paris and I was there for business, so why not?

Just for the sake of giving you extensive info 🙂 I visited all 3 Christian Louboutin Shops in 3 hours and in a single day. What did I find?

The experience: I really enjoyed the experience overall, interior design reflects the Loubou brand. Each shop has a personality, a bit  burlesquey, quite colourful and of course with lots of red. Staff  are really attentive and helpful even in France! All the shops were pretty crowded, but I didn’t feel neglected or looked down in anyway. And shoe range was slightly different in each. That’s exactly the kind of excuse we need to visit all Loubou shoe shops, isn’t it? And when you see all these people in the shop buying these expensive shoes so ordinarily, you can’t help thinking “Yeahh I deserved that, I can buy myself  these cute and expensive shoes, this is normal”. When you leave, you just want to come back.


The Shoe: I find my perfect shoe…or at least I thought so. Wait till the end. It came in a an exciting outer bag but in a rather dull shoe box. I believe shoes of this value should be presented in more jewel like boxes!

The wear: I totally liked wearing my new shoes. I think they are cute and original.  Some say Louboutin is so last season. It may be. However, I’d buy these shoes even if they did not have the famous red soles. I totally liked the design.

Mine have high heels but still wearable, walkable so they are not sitting shoes:) It is comfortable in that sense.

Now, hold your breath cause we are coming to the brutal reality…

Unfortunately, after just 2 wears the famous red soles are ripped off!!! And, in both of the cases I was taken from my home to a restaurant in 15 minutes by a taxi. I did not even walk around much, let alone doing dancing or any other activity. In all cases, I was properly sitting down. In the second wear there was a little rain. But heyyy, I am living in London that’s perfectly normal.  And shoes are supposed to be walked around and to be worn under rain. I have to admit I was disappointed a lot.

Here is what it looks like just after 2 wears. I couldn’t help but wonder how come mine is gone in 2 wears doing absolutely nothing and Beyonce can wear hers on stage and keep dancing.  I know for most celebrities these things free perks of their job but any brand should be aware that their business is dependant on us- the mere human beings who are actually paying.  What can I say? I am disappointed.  Before I noticed this, I was already planning my second buy, but now I am not so sure. Time will show how this love and hate situation will resolve:)


Lastly, the sad thing is I have tweeted this situation to Christian Louboutin and they totally ignored my message. I guess they need a better social media strategy.

By the way, I have also visited the Christian Louboutin Exhibition with my 2 dear friends and I will post about in a few weeks time.