Style from real people: The commuters’ episode

If you read my post titled ground rules or about me section, you already know I, like most other human beings, have to commute to work.  For us- the commuters, it is not easy to wear statement stilettos when you have to run to catch a bus or a train.  However, we do like to follow the trends, we do like fashion.  We also like to bring out our own sense of style from contemporary trends.  As we have already memorised so far, this summer’s one of the biggest trends is colour. Flashy, pastel, vivid, candy like…anything but colour.  Here is what I saw on my way work a few days ago…

Place: Clapham Junction Train Station, London

People: Commuters who own the colour trend in a very authentic way.

These two girls were so stylish and looked absolutely gorgeous! They’ve nailed not only the colour trend but also the antisymmetric dress/skirt one. Top shop has great pieces if you want to have this look by the way (and no, noone is paying me to say that:)


This girl above embraced the colour trend on her hair! I’m not sure how clear it is from the photo (I know, I know. I am horrible with taking photos!) She also matched this lovely purple colour with her shirt:) I began noticing kids who enjoy themselves with colourful hairdos  and I wonder whether we see this trend in catwalks next year.

That’s all for the moment but promise I won’t take so long to catch up next time. Last week was horribly busy with work that’s why I was a bit silent!