Harvey Nickers? Harvey Nichols’ Homage to Queen’s Diamond jubilee

Perhaps it is one of the best times to be in or around London.  Here, we call it the British Summer with Queen’s Diamond jubilee fast approaching, Wimbledon just around the corner and of course with 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. Heyy, who said summers are short and perhaps a bit dull inUK:) This summer is going to be long and fun in London despite what weather might bring us.  Moreover, we have nothing to complain about weather nowadays as we are enjoying a solid 26 degrees and a glorious sun.  Life is not bad at all!

City has already begun to live and breathe Diamond Jubilee Spirit. Harvey Nichols pays a special tribute to Queen and her reign for the last 60 years which is also very in line with our beloved nostalgia trend (you may also see my Escapism post)

The window shops are transformed to the ones from past. The colours they chose is almost candy like (another mega trend this year). Here is a sneak peak.

Mouthwatering presentation

Harvey Nickers-funn!

And a few more…

I believe Harvey Nics made a brilliant job fully embracing the Jubilee spirit. The style is not uber cool but definitely feels relevant and contemporary despite being very nostalgic.